Homicide Cleanup: It Doesn’t Have to Be You

Crime sceneIf there has been a suicide or a homicide in your property, cleaning it up is of utmost importance. It’s best not to leave any trace of blood on the site to make sure that it’s safe and properly disinfected. It is, however, not advisable that you (or other family members) handle the cleaning all alone because of the associated health risks.

Leaving Bloodborne Pathogens

Even if the blood spill is not significant, keep in mind that exposure to bloodborne pathogens (like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and others) can be harmful to your health. You may not also have the proper cleaning materials or tools to sanitize the area completely. Bio & Trauma Scene Clean Up and other homicide cleanup experts in Utah note that there is always the possibility of leaving some pathogens behind, which may cause unpleasant odors and infect other people.

Trauma and Psychological Implications

Cleaning up a homicide site is more than about making the area livable again, as it’s also an essential part of emotional recovery. Losing a loved one is more than heartbreaking for the whole family, so there is no need to be reminded of their death or accident. Even if you think that you can handle the cleanup, it is never recommended because of the health risks and psychological implications.

Damage to Furnishings and Property

Blood and bodily fluids spilt in an area can seep into fabrics, carpets, walls, and sub-flooring. This can be difficult to clean and disinfect with ordinary bleach, which can also destroy furnishings and other surfaces. You have to remember that significant amounts of blood are harmful and should not be cleaned on your own. This is true whether you’re dealing with fresh blood or not.

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Homicide or blood cleanup is not as simple as cleaning the surface using a mop, bucket, or bleach. Keep in mind that household cleaning is different from disinfecting and sanitizing the crime site. You need the help of a reliable homicide cleanup company to make sure that the area is safe again.