Things You Need to Have in your Bag All the Time

Things You Need to Have in your Bag All the Time

These days, people have close attachments to their mobile devices about 75 percent use their phones while in the bathroom. Some are brave enough to answer or make a call. Besides phones, you may not be able to live without your cash and credit cards, as well as toiletries and make-up.

But are these the only things you need? Here are two items you should bring with you anywhere you go.


Gone are the days when your phone can last a day or two on a single charge. Only a few can sustain more than 10 hours after the charging. Although you can always bring a power bank, it can be bulky. If you want to save yourself the hassle, get cell phone batteries from vendors such as Battery Clerk.

With these batteries, you will not have to think about finding an outlet nearby or worry about leaving your power bank behind. You are not at the mercy of electricity either, which makes these extra batteries useful when you are camping.

These items are inexpensive, but you can save more when you buy discount batteries online.

Rape Alarm

Crimes have gone up in the UK, which means it pays to be more attentive and protective. But while the United States can allow you to carry a pepper spray to a certain extent, it has considered illegal in the UK.

People, especially women, can carry a rape alarm. A very small handy device can fit into your pocket.

If you find yourself in a serious situation, you can press it, and it emits a high-piercing sound that benefits you in two ways. One, you can frighten your would-be attacker, and two, you can call others’ attention, most notably the police.

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These two are very easy and convenient to carry. Most of all, they can save you in many ways. There is no reason why you should not invest in them.