Study: Rental Homes Pose More Risks to Children

Study: Rental Homes Pose More Risks to Children

A study of 6,000 families in New Zealand showed that children face higher safety risks if they live in a rented home.

Auckland University’s “Growing up in New Zealand Now We Are Four” report showed that the same risks are lower when families own their property. The study opened some key issues on how to improve safety for rental homes, especially since statistics for child injuries are high in New Zealand.

Cause of Injuries

Sarah Berry, the study’s lead researcher, said child injuries at home commonly involved poisoning, burns and chemical ingestions. These risks are amplified when kids live in rental properties, as these normally have fewer safety precautions compared to state-owned or privately owned houses, the report added.

Precautions included functional smoke alarms, locks on doors and gates, fully fenced play areas and proper storage of harmful substances. Proper installation of electrical outlets also served as one safety feature, which is why electrical testing here in Wellington is important to protect your children.

Police Tips

An estimated 40 percent of the study’s respondents had lived in rental houses before their child finished their preschool years, according to the study. Aside from ensuring the safety of your kids, keeping your home secure from other threats is also important.

The New Zealand Police offered several ways on how residents can do this. One simple way to deter burglars involves not leaving your garage open, as this can be one entry point for intruders. If you plan to go on vacation, make sure your home appears as if someone is staying inside.

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While living in rental properties is unavoidable, families can be extra careful by taking the initiative in ensuring that young children remain supervised as much possible. Aside from this, residents should be mindful about checking any faulty equipment around the work that can cause more than just safety issues.