Wrong Calf Meal Choice & Other Horse Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Wrong Calf Meal Choice & Other Horse Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Rearing of horses is fun that many horse owners in New Zealand enjoy feeding these treasured animals and add it to their daily routine. What most of these horse owners do not know, however, is that it is easy to make mistakes when choosing the right calf meal and meeting their horse’s dietary needs. Takanini Feeds and other experts list some of the most common feeding mistakes you should avoid:

Omitting Salt in the Diet

Like in human beings, salt is essential in maintaining the right electrolyte balance in a horse. Therefore, always ensure you put loose salt in the feed or place a salt block near the horses’ feeding through so that they can self-regulate their daily salt intake by licking the block of salt.

Over Supplementing

Over-supplementing your horse will cause vitamin and mineral imbalances. To avoid such instances, ensure your buy tested hay and always check the ingredient list of your concentrates before adding any supplement.

Not Providing Sufficient Water

It is highly advisable you give your horse enough water. Taking hay only without adequate water can cause impaction colic in your horse. Cold water may dissuade the horse from drinking water while adding an earthed water heater in the trough can ensure your horse drinks water even during winter.

Ignoring Parasite control

As it is familiar with livestock, horses can also suffer from parasite infestation. What’s worse is internal parasites may compete for food with your horse. To keep the parasites at bay, conduct a regular deworming program and stick to it; you will need the expert help of a horse-care specialist to create an effective schedule for parasite control.

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When feeding horses, measure the feed — concentrates and hay — against the weight of the horses. You can use the small square hay bales to approximate the volume of feed then calculate the amount of grain concentrates using the body weight of the horse. You may end up under or overfeeding your horses and foals when you measure their feed and calf meal by mere observation.