Tree Roots: Your Sewer Pipes’ Worst Enemy

Tree Roots: Your Sewer Pipes’ Worst Enemy

If you want those tree roots in your yard in Tauranga to grow healthy, you need to provide a regular supply of water and food. Problems will come up if your trees discover their next drink or meal in your sewer pipes.

You already got rid of the older trees through stump grinding. Make sure you take care of the ones left, understand the potential issues and avoid planting more problematic species. Tree Fellers shares some tips on how to maintain the beauty and safety of your yard in Tauranga.

Roots and Pipes

Roots can break storm water and sewer pipes, block water flow and cause a variety of other problems. Not only that, root damage will also allow storm water to run through the pipes. When there is heavy rain, this extra water can weigh down the sewage system. This means it will flood into rivers, creeks and its surroundings. If this issue happens in your private pipes, then you will have to repair it yourself or call the professionals.

Avoiding Potential Damage

You can reduce the chances of getting damaged pipes by not planting some species of trees that will most probably cause such issues. Besides, you will have to plant your trees away from the pipes as much as you can. To be safe, determine where the sewer pipes are in your property to form a safe distance.

The residents can figure out the location of the plumbing, such as the sewer pipes, on the property plan. You will then have to ask a gardening or nursery guide to determine the distance the roots of the plant will travel and if that certain species has invasive roots. These typically spread around one and a half times the expanse of the branches of an adult plant.

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In case the roots have already damaged and blocked your sewer pipes, you have to get the services of a professional. Other than getting rid of the roots, you must also have someone to repair the damage in a way that will lessen potential issues.