Tree Care Practices to Avoid in Commercial Properties

Tree Care Practices to Avoid in Commercial Properties

Trees are living organisms and are very important in the ecosystem. Thus, trees should grow in a natural habitat with no intervention whatsoever. Trees are a common appearance in commercial properties and play a huge role in creating a serene environment.

However, many people commit few tree care mistakes in commercial properties. Check out four of the errors that tree surgeons here in Kent advise against.

Planting Trees Too Deep

Tree roots do well in the shallow soil as they can access warmth, oxygen, and water. Burying the tree roots deep deprives the tree these essential nutrients slowing the growth rate and in extreme cases causing the tree to dry up. Ensure that the tree’s root flare is slightly above the surface of the soil when planting.

Under or Over Irrigation

Trees should get the right amount of water or else, they will not thrive properly. The majority of commercial properties use irrigation systems to water trees.

Irrigation systems are good to limit the amount of water that trees are receiving, but these systems should be flexible to suit the plant needs, which is not always the case. The amount of water that trees should receive depends on the plant species and prevailing weather conditions.

Using Too Much Mulch

Over-mulching has become too much that it seems like the right thing to do. Using too much mulch makes the bark moist and may attract harmful insects. Also, the bark may not cope well with excess moisture.

A layer of mulch of about 4’’ off the trunk is enough to control soil temperature and preserve moisture.

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Poor Pruning

Pruning removes excess foliage to support proper growth and development. Incorrect pruning methods are dangerous and can cause permanent injury to the tree. It is important to know how to prune properly and when to do so.

Commercial landscapes contain varying growing conditions, and routine maintenance is the best way to acclimate trees to the conditions. Nevertheless, poor maintenance practices can cause permanent damage; hence, you should seek tree care services and show your trees some loving.