Three Ways HR Professionals Can Deliver Organizational Excellence

Three Ways HR Professionals Can Deliver Organizational Excellence

Organizational excellence is a critical factor in growth and success. Here are three ways Human Resources professionals can help deliver organizational excellence.

Human Resources professionals come under a lot of pressure. As demand for top-notch talent increases, the fight to retain the best employees proportionally escalates. Meanwhile, the alternative route of nurturing talent for replacement also entails a lot of human capital investment.

Manage Intangible Capital: Employees

Organizations that have a strategic orientation understand that people are their driving power. This understanding compels such organizations to maximize the use of talent, skills and strengths within the context of their employees’ job descriptions. To acknowledge and effectively manage their Intangible Capital, organizations must focus on the 4Es of Talent Management: are Education, Experience, Expertise and Exposure.

An external HR service could help management find the talent and train them using standard materials such as employee handbooks with a table of contents that provide samples of improving work ethic, but also provide training and leadership sessions to help candidates and businesses meet current job market realities. By leveraging an outcomes-focused approach, HR professionals can expect to deliver organizational excellence in the following ways.

Internal Partnership

The HR Department cannot afford to be seen as an island where strategy is crafted and cascaded for implementation. Senior and line managers must work in tandem with HR to ensure excellent planning and proper execution.

Serving as Champion for Employees

HR needs to see itself as the champion of employees in presenting their concerns to management and ensure that appropriate action is taken. This works both ways as HR should also work with employees to enhance staff commitment and contribution to organizational development.

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Driving Continuous Transformation

An organization must grow in consonance with changing times, and HR has a strategic role to play in this regard. Process and culture evolution takes place continually, and this cannot be left to chance. HR must be in a position to anticipate and meet change.

It’s best to have an HR service or department that works in concert with management to help them find talent and mold employees that will help the organization reach its business goals.