Zoning: Reason Enough to Opt for a Ducted Air Conditioner

Zoning: Reason Enough to Opt for a Ducted Air Conditioner

One of the best features of ducted air conditioning systems is their near-invisibility. Unlike other air conditioners that sit prominently in a certain area of a room, ducted units make nearly no appearance, except for the cool and comfortable air they present. For many home owners who plan to renovate or remodel, this characteristic makes it easy for them to incorporate it into their new house design.

However, aesthetics is just a small portion of the many other benefits that ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems offer. Convenience and more importantly, energy savings, are two of its major benefits and reasons why you should invest in one.

Greater Control over Indoor Climate

With a ducted AC, you can enjoy the highest level of control over the indoor temperature. This system allows you to cool your entire house, and even heat it, with its reverse cycle air technology. You can also opt to invest in a unit that comes with individual temperature control for each room. Since it gives you the freedom to customise the temperature in each room, your household can choose whether or not to increase (or decrease) the thermostat setting.

Zoning for Reduced Household Consumption of Energy

Ducted air conditioners involve the process of “zoning,” wherein each zone refers to the rooms connected to the duct network. When you want to turn off the cooling/heating for certain rooms, you can certainly do so with the system’s zoning controls. This then helps you minimise your household’s consumption of energy, as you no longer have to settle for cooling of the entire house even when a room is unoccupied.

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In a nutshell, a ducted air conditioner with reverse cycle technology helps you save on cooling and heating bills without compromising indoor comfort. Since you can control which rooms receive conditioned air, you can also prevent wastage of resources, transforming your home into a greener dwelling.