3 Details You Should Know About Making Funeral Arrangements

3 Details You Should Know About Making Funeral Arrangements

Every year, about two million memorial services are arranged in the United States. According to the statistics from the National Directory of Morticians Redbook in the USA, there are 19,322 funeral homes all over the country up to date.

If you want to make any funeral arrangement, Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries suggests looking for a service that could provide you with planning a funeral service based on your specifications. Here are some essential details that you should know:

The Price

Decide how much money you want to use for the service. In general, funerals can cost from $4,000 to $6,000 and it could go higher than that based on the style of your choice and your location.

Tip: You may want to look into non-profit organizations that could help you save money on memorial services. Of course, it’ll be better if they’re within your area to avoid wasting time.

The Disposition

If you are planning funeral arrangements in advance, you have many choices from the different types of ceremonies and dispositions. However, if your deceased relative specifies how their remains are disposed of — entombment, cremation, or burial — you have to respect them. Take note that this factor will affect the cost.

Tip: To make sure that your personal preference is followed, it is highly recommended that you write it down. You can also tell your relatives and lawyer about it.

The Services

If you are doing a pre-planning for the memorial service, there are several options and services that you need to consider like embalming, death certificate filing, the venue of the service, and a lot more.

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Tip: You can bring someone to help you with the process. This should be someone who is not emotionally attached to the deceased to make reasonable decisions on costs and other services.

Planning for a funeral service is one of the hardest things in one’s life, but knowing what to do will make it a bit easier.