The Person for the Job: 4 Ways to Hire Right Every Time

New hires on their first dayIf you own a business or are part of the management, you know the challenges associated with hiring the ideal talent. There are times when you hire or fail to hire a person, only to discover later that you made a mistake in judgment. While part of the outcome of the interview depends on the candidate, a lot of it has to do with you too. Here are four tips to get it right every time:

Understand their history

After narrowing down on a list of suitable candidates, know their history by conducting NSW police check online. Most of this information is readily available to the relevant agencies. Be wary of hiring a person with a history of workplace violence, corruption, theft, or some other crime.

Build a strong employer brand

You may offer the best pay package in your region, but you’ll struggle to attract talent if you have a bad reputation. Recent studies indicate that the majority would rather remain unemployed than work for an organisation with a negative image. Keep your candidate experience well-polished if you intend to attract the best in the market.

Broaden your search

In an age where everyone has access to anyone, you need not keep your search limited to a small area. Most employed people would be willing to leave their current jobs to work for you if you have a great reputation. Reach out to as wide an audience as possible. Use social media platforms to help you out.

Make it easy for the candidates

The interview is not a picnic for your candidates. Don’t make things tougher for them by asking inappropriate or irrelevant questions. Don’t overlook the right talent for the wrong reasons. Coming across as hostile, unfriendly, or condescending during interviews is a sure ticket to having talent ignore you when you are desperate to hire next time.

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Developing great candidate experience is the best way to attract the most qualified individuals whenever you want to hire. By being diligent, reputable, and supportive, you can start to navigate this process with much ease.