Hot-Desking: The Newest Craze for Freelancers and Corporate Offices

Freelancer on a co-working spaceMany companies today advocate a flexible work setup, allowing employees to work remotely. Freelance jobs are also getting more competitive, attracting not just Millennials but Gen-Xer’s, as well. These employment trends gave rise to a type of office arrangement which appeals to freelancers and remote workers: hot-desking.

Cost-Efficient for Companies

Hot-desking is the practice of sharing an office desk between several employees. No one owns his or her own desk; workstations are available anytime to anyone who wants to use them.

Companies are starting to take notice of this practice because of several reasons. First, it is cost-efficient. As the expenses for extra office space is usually second only to employees’ salaries and benefits, businesses stand to save more by implementing hot-desking. After all, employees are only present for eight hours a day, five days a week. It only makes sense to make use of the space by filling it up at all hours.

Sharing desks is also a practical solution to space issues. Since no one owns a desk, there’s no need for standing drawers or shelves; the admin can add more desks instead. Employees whose shifts are over can leave, and the next shift can come in and use the same space.

Subleasing a small office space and utilizing it for hot-desking can double the company operations’ cost-efficiency. Moreover, this type of office arrangement can work for different industries. Legal-Lease, a subletting and leasing platform for offices in Chicago, says many of their office-sharing clients are law firms, financial firms, and solo professionals, in fact.

Economical and Convenient for Freelancers and Telecommuters

Hot-desking is ideal for freelancers and telecommuters. Their work hours are flexible, so it’s logical for them to rent an office space by the hour – which is usually how the rent goes in cafés and co-working spaces. These employees normally work at home, but there are days when they just need to get out and have a change of environment. Also, unprecedented interruptions could happen at home like power outage and a slow Internet connection.

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Hot-desking is not just “a Millennial trend.” It’s a legitimate alternative for traditional office arrangements, and businesses and freelancers alike acknowledge its cost benefits.