Brand Style Guide: Reasons You Need One

Brand Style Guide: Reasons You Need One

In the early parts of the twentieth century, companies began to take the development of corporate identity serious. However, the awareness of and demand for corporate and brand identities increased significantly in the 1960s and 1970s.

This resulted from advancements in technology that allowed for more interaction with a broader spectrum of people. Thus, visual elements of a company’s corporate and brand image became more important especially in traditional corporate activities such as business stationery printing and usage.

Now, corporate identities need to be proper crafting and execution regardless of the channel. The best way to ensure “protection” of the visual elements of a corporate and brand identity is to have a brand style guide that defines the usage guidelines for various elements in print and electronic media.

These reasons spell out why the brand style guide benefits your business.

Press Coverage

Press coverage does not happen only when you call the local journalist for lunch. Be prepared at all times to give the writers what they need to write up a piece on your business. Many large corporations have media kits uploaded on their websites for easy access and use.

Anyone can see how to, or not to, use the various corporate and brand communication elements including logo, font type and colours.

Consistent Output from Different Agencies and Professionals

Chances are, you will change graphic designers down the years. If you do not have a clear and consistent brand style guide in place, the output from successive professionals may vary and with that, public perception of your brand.

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One area in which you would desire consistency is in business stationery printing such as letterheads, business cards and invoices, services offered by firms such as Avoid confusing customers with unauthorised variations of your visual elements.

Strong Brand Story

You can project the brand personality strongly and reinforce it by the brand style guide as it clearly outlines its vision, values and personality. Anyone can easily connect with the brand individuality through the style guide.

According to industry expert Seth Godin, “Yes, every brand has a story—that’s how it goes from being a logo and a name to a brand…”

Connect your brand to customers by ensuring you have a brand style guide designed and ready for your target market.