Helping Your Kids Deal When You Decide to Sell Your Home

Helping Your Kids Deal When You Decide to Sell Your Home

Selling your house can be quite taxing even when you’re going solo. It can even be more challenging when you have to deal with your children during this transition. For you and your family to suffer less because of the move, it’s best to prepare your kids before your house is put on the market.

Explain in Their Language

Children would be thinking of leaving their friends, favorite places, and everything familiar behind when you move and this can be devastating to them. Trying to dump this on them at the last minute can create stress, depression, and even aggressive reactions. Pace your talks, find favorable times to explain, and do it in words that they would understand way before the move.

Introduce Your Agent

As you’ll be letting your realtor bring in strangers to look at your property, this can be a good way to introduce the topic to your child. Invite your child to have a snack with you and your real estate agent. They can talk about what they do and what to expect in the next few weeks over the simple meal. Also, you can encourage your child to ask questions from their new “friend”.

Visit Your New Neighborhood

Even if you aren’t sure yet which specific house you’ll be buying and transferring to, you most likely know which area it will be in. Plan a family weekend trip to your new neighborhood. If you’re aiming to transfer to Key Allegro, for example, Rockport Properties, Inc. recommends taking a tour and finding fun places that your children will love. Highlight the advantages of staying in that town, so moving to your new home will be well received — less resentment and a bit more enthusiasm.

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Leaving a familiar and well-loved community will always be stressful even for an adult. Children can even be more affected and should be handled with extreme care during this time. Just be a loving and understanding parent and allow them to unload their emotions and say their thoughts for a smoother and faster transition.