How Can You Improve the Conversion of Web Forms?

How Can You Improve the Conversion of Web Forms?

How can you improve lead generation? One of the ways to do so is to get forms on your pages answered and filled out. A form enables you to generate leads which may turn into future cusstyletomers, subscribers and repeat visitors. An expert on graphic design from Utah cites the following ways on how you can improve the conversion of your website’s forms.

Above the Fold

A visitor’s engagement with a website frequently begins and peaks with the elements above the fold; that’s why it is important to place web forms on that part of your site. Doing so maximizes the exposure of the form you want to be filled out and enables you to boost lead generation. The prospect has to see all the information and details they need to know above the fold before moving down. What they see as they scroll down will further influence and enforce their chosen action and behavior.

When you design a landing page, keep the call-to-action and web form above the fold because you’ll need less effort to convince a visitor and there’s lower risk for them. For this to work, the page needs a good headline that is descriptive, statement of benefits and CTA.

A Good Call-to-Action

The CTA plays a major role in lead generation and the success of web forms; it must grab the attention with a witty line and/or persuasive copy. Show a visitor that you have something they need and is of value to them, whether it’s an eBook or service. Clarity in who you are and what you offer leaves no room for confusion.

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Intuitive and Intelligent Forms

A visitor may feel frustrated and tired because they have to fill out several forms that are similar. They may decide to just leave without finishing the process. In such cases, having intuitive and intelligent forms are a must. There are tools that ‘remember’ and use conditional logic to customize a form based on the history of a visitor.

Web forms are an effective way of creating and converting leads; improving this aspect of your website boosts conversion rates and customer satisfaction.