These Ideas Integrate Your Online and Offline Marketing

Marketing collaboration with the employeesDigital marketers are doing all they can to integrate their online and offline strategies. They are looking for high impact and effective channels to funnel prospects and convert at a higher rate. As a website owner, you should do the same. An expert on SEO services from Denver, CO cites the following ways which you can follow to improve your campaigns.

Determine High Performing Digital Platforms

Before you begin your creative cooperation with digital campaign, identify which channels are high impact, convert at a higher rate and are the most profitable for your business. Doing so allows you to maximize and use resources efficiently instead of using them on a poor performing channel. Data gathered from your social profiles, website visitors, filled out forms and even calls to your hotlines enable you to pinpoint which ones work best for your brand.

The level of engagement on your social accounts is also a viable barometer of how effective that particular platform is to your campaign. The likes, shares, comments and other forms of interaction give you a glimpse of which content works best.

Know Your Market

Knowing your audience is about numbers and behavioral patterns. This means you have to translate different sets of data into a format that the teams in your division can understand and used to create strategies. Use and gather real-time and historical data to determine content types that perform at a high level.

Energized Digital Strategy

The next step is to create and implement plans that account for the re-purposing, creation and amplification of posts, articles, videos and other forms of content that work well on different platforms. Some types that have shown to work on various channels include:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Display marketing
  3. Social media
  4. Blogs
  5. eBooks
  6. events
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Determine which one works for your brand and continue to develop it for future campaigns.

Implement and Measure

You’ll need execution and measurable metrics to gauge the success of your campaign. Without numbers, it will be difficult to repeat the success of a current strategy. Measuring performance is now easier with technology and available apps that track and gather data.