5 Hotel Website Marketing Best Practices You Follow

Hotel Reservation Interface Concept for PromotionsHotel website marketing is a strategy the tourism and hospitality industry is investing in heavily, but there are best practices you should follow.

Here are the five top best practices you should not avoid:

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to hotel website marketing, SEO is king. The quality of content you share with your clients tells a lot about how proficient you are in what you do, and how much you care about your customers. And, while it is important you give unbiased information, it is advisable you follow the right optimization techniques to rank best on search engines.

Paid Advertising

Unlike in search engine optimization, where how well your website ranks relies on organic traffic, paid-per-click advertising depends on how much you pay for your site to top search results. However, how much you will pay for such campaigns largely depends on real-time demand and your industry’s competitiveness.

Online booking

Your hotel’s website is your company’s shop window, and it is until you appreciate this fact that you will go out of your way to build one that is so sleek, interactive and engaging that it will leave every visitor with a positive impression of your hotel.

Statistics have it that travelers make more than 148 million online bookings each year, which it is clear that designing your website with an online booking capacity is a key strategy for a fast return on investment.

Social media

Since the corporate world realized they could use social media to improve their relations with their stakeholders as well as market their products and services to people in distant lands, hotels have appreciated the role social media can play to boost their relevance in the market. By engaging closely with your clients and sharing your brand stories, you can build a solid presence in social media.

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Mobile marketing

In this age when mobile optimization is a necessity, hotels that integrate a calculated strategy to market their products and services to their clients directly via text messages or calls have a competitive edge over their counterparts. Also having a responsive website that travelers can access from their mobile phone will ensure high conversion rates.

Marketing your hotel online is one of the best strategies you can use to ensure you remain relevant in the industry as well as enjoy optimal profits from your investment. Adhering to the aforementioned best practices will help you build a solid hotel website marketing strategy.