The Cloudy: Digital Transformation of Human Resource Management

The Cloudy: Digital Transformation of Human Resource Management

You don’t build a business,” said renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. “You build people and then people build the business.”

Efficient human resource management plays a big role in employee relations and in ensuring your workplace is an ideal environment for your staff. Incorporating cloud-based technology into human resource management systems (HRMS) enables businesses to focus on taking care of their people instead of spending time on mundane HR functions.

Costs Less, Does More

An HRMS cloud requires an initial investment, as do all kinds of technological integration. Nevertheless, it is an investment that can result in significant time savings and a reduction in manual effort from your employees. When you automate menial HR tasks, they take less time.  This means that staff can shift their attention to concerns other than tax calculations and document organization.

When you entrust your HRMS to the cloud, this also means you can hire fewer HR officers and focus on those who are trained to handle people rather than employee data. The software decreases redundancy and repetition of tasks, giving a thrust to the HR department’s overall productivity. While clouds may cost more initially, they can reduce company spending overall.

Improving Self-Service Skills in Employees

A growing business requires equal input from the company’s staff, processes and technology. Erica Volini, HR Transformation Practice Leader and Principal at Deloitte Consulting, sees cloud services as a critical part of a company’s technological investment. Clouds allow a change of roles  for both HR officers and the employees. They give employees better access to, and ownership of, their own data, and free up HR staff to analyse data rather than merely managing them.

Employees who access and manage their information through the cloud will hone their self-service skills. An efficient cloud system shifts basic HR tasks to non-HR employees, allowing them to take ownership of their own information and undertake certain tasks by themselves.

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As the director of your business, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with a reliable and trustworthy HR system. Take care of your human resource management, and you will have a solid foundation for a successful business.