The Office-Employee Relationship: Integral to Employee Productivity

The Office-Employee Relationship: Integral to Employee Productivity

Promoting a healthy office-employee relationship is necessary for the success of a business. Research has shown, in fact, that an office environment can have a great impact on an employee’s productivity. Precept Design, a trusted supplier of office equipment, believes that creating a conducive working environment should contain the right balance of functionality and aesthetics. How can offices reflect this balance between the two elements to create productive workspaces?

Open-Plan Concepts to Encourage Collaboration

The 1990s brought about a slew of innovations that affected workspaces as well. Offices turned to open-office floor plans in the understanding that the sharing of knowledge among teammates would be a lot easier — a process known as ‘fast collaboration’. Quick, ad-hoc desk conversations, after all, allowed for the easy transfer of information.

‌Natural Lighting Promotes Human Health and Potential

While natural light is one of the essential elements for workplace productivity, a report from Human Spaces reveals that half of office environments in Australia do not have natural light. A well-illuminated office, can foster productivity, reduce stress and lower the frequency of sick leaves among employees. Apart from having ample lighting in the office, promoting a healthy, productive workplace also calls for good air quality and thermal comfort.

Incorporating Natural Elements for Creativity and Productivity

Another study conducted by Human Spaces sheds light on the importance of maintaining a ‘biophilic design’ in the office. Since humans possess an affinity towards nature, the researchers believe that the use of sunlight and greenery in the office can enhance the psychological well-being of employees and help them relax and recover from stress better. Even with the lack of windows in an office space, simulated nature — plants, landscape portraiture, pastel colours — could function as a worthy substitute.

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Office spaces are constantly evolving, and these days it’s all about harmony and connectivity. Gone are the days of traditional, cubicle-styled workstations. Companies have shown support for flexible, collaborative spaces that allow for greater employee freedom. By incorporating the necessary elements that foster employee productivity, modern office spaces are bound to be a success.