Excavation Projects: Safety Guidelines

Excavation Projects: Safety Guidelines

Excavation is the process of making a hole or cavity. This method is often used in construction for a variety of purposes. There are different kinds of excavator types for different conditions, but they all have the same function.

Some companies rent or put excavators for sale in New Zealand. Regardless of which method you choose, safety in using this machine should be a priority.

Safety guidelines for excavator operation

1. Have a working method

Have a concrete working plan on how the excavation process would be carried out. This should include identification of working system as well as safety management system. Roles and responsibilities of every worker should be assigned and noted. All of these should be written and recorded.

2. Surroundings

The site should be checked every day before the process starts. The ground and soil quality should always be inspected, so is the site itself as well as the equipment to be used. Check with the respective local agencies involved, if applicable.

3. Quick access

Quick and safe access should always be accessible for workers to use. Different modes of entrance and egress should be available depending on the working area.

4. Risk assessment

Risk assessment should be carried out before, during and after the construction process. It should be carried out when danger and hazards are imminent in the workplace. Aside from assessment, control measures should also be taken into consideration.

5. Preventive methods

The area should be secured to keep the safety of both the public and the workers. Keep the area isolated if possible. Signs should be put up to inform the public regarding the on-going process.

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Excavation, like any other construction processes, has its sets of risks. However, proper knowledge, preparation, and training can help make the workplace a safer one. Be a responsible worker and follow these guidelines religiously.