Is Originality Everything When It Comes to Ads?

Is Originality Everything When It Comes to Ads?

Coming up with an original idea these days for an advertisement is like searching for a pot of gold. You might think your idea has never been done before, but a quick search online may tell you otherwise. It can be discouraging when people dismiss your ad as something that is a rehash or a reductive effort. Originality, in this day and age, has become so rare that most people regard it as an obvious strength.

Should you, however, always strive for originality when it comes to making advertisements?

It’s a factor, but…

It should not be a deciding factor when approving pitches. A great concept can only take you so far. It is more about the execution of the advertisement and the ease of how your message gets across. A pitch may have a great concept, but if not developed well, viewers could still miss the point. Crafting of the message is still the most important factor in successful. When you are accepting pitches from a creative advertising agency in Melbourne, Voodoo Creative emphasises originality should not only be the biggest criteria.

It’s also about relevance

A reductive idea can still sell more when it is presented at the right time. Cultures and beliefs may change overtime, but some others may repeat in cycles. Just like fashion or trends, some ideas may regain resurgence in present time. What matters more now is how people connect with these current ideas no matter how many times they have been done in the past. What is relevant today is what people will respond to the most. When you want your brand to capture today’s affection and imagination, originality may not seem as important as relevance.

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The question remains, should you still strive for it? It all depends on your goal. Do you want to bring something new or appeal to an existing culture? Choose what matters most to your company’s message.