Looking to Increase Brand Awareness? Start a Contest

Looking to Increase Brand Awareness? Start a Contest

The biggest challenge about being a business owner is thinking of ways to attract new leads and keeping current customers engaged. With the increased use of the internet to market brands in recent years, it is becoming more difficult for companies to get customers to pause for a second and pay attention to their brand.

Business owners should, therefore, consider hosting a contest and giving away prizes. After all, the idea of winning something for relatively little effort appeals to almost every kind of consumer. Furthermore, it creates a fanfare that leads to positive attention and viral sharing on social media. So, business owners who want to interact with new customers and establish their presence in the marketplace might want to consider starting an online contest.

Expanding a Brand’s Customer Base

Starting a giveaway is an opportunity for business owners to reconnect with their loyal customer base and engage with new fans and prospects. A well-thought out and properly marketed contest can help generate new interest in your business and draw more followers to your brand’s website or social media page. Furthermore, a larger audience pool means higher chances of customers sharing posts and driving viral traffic — making customers market on behalf of a brand is one of the most effective ways to boost a campaign.

Coming Up with a Powerful Promotion Strategy

A contest that promises a house and lot or vacation tickets to an exotic, far away land will only appeal to customers who know about it. The trick to ensuring the success of a contest, therefore, is to make sure that word gets out to as many people as possible. The best way to do this is to use social media as a venue for distribution. Apart from posting regularly about the contest online, however, business should keep their campaign posts fresh and interesting as well so their new fans stay engaged.

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The Prize Matters

Customers will participate in the contest for one thing: the possibility of winning the prizes. So, whatever companies plan to give away, it should be something that appeals to their target market’s lifestyle and interests. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly item, just an item perceived as “high value” for these consumers. The best option would be to choose a prize related to the company’s brand and identity. This way, winners will have something to remember the company by. Furthermore, it’ll make the contest a lot more relevant and endearing.

Contests are a quick, low-cost incentive marketing strategy that guarantees better audience engagement and increased connection to a brand. Overall, hosting a contest is a refreshing way to heighten public awareness and remind customers that a brand has something great to offer their customers.